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DIY Market Analysis

What do you know about your competitors?  Are they selling the same menu item at a lessor price?  What is their average check?  How many customers do they get for lunch?  Dinner?  Breakfast?

All these questions, and more, can be determined through a Market Analysis.

Now, I know your next thought:  It's too expensive.  At my sales volume, I can't afford a Market Analysis.

Save thousands of dollars and Do It Yourself!  Yes, you can!

We will teach you the art of DIY Market Analysis.  By using this technique, I was able to forecast sales for a new unit far more accurately than my corporate office.  The new unit was opening in a new market for the company.  My first year sales forecast was within 3% of actual sales.  The corporate sales forecast was off by over 7%!

If you forecast within 3% of actual, then you can manage and control other department budgets.

A Market Analysis also allows for planning of many other areas:  menu, staffing, parking, and more.

Contact Team RM101 and discuss your DIY Market Analysis.

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