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Plan Your Work, Work Your Plan

Planning is a critical aspect of the restaurant business.  Planning every facet of your restaurant is so important that we have created an entire section to teach you the details.

As Joe Elmore always said:  Proper Planning Prevents Pretty Poor Performance.

What Do I Plan?

  • Forecast Sales
  • Projected Labor Cost
  • Plan Your Staffing Needs
  • Plan Food Ordering
  • Plan Food Production
  • Plan Where Your Restaurant Will Be In Five Years
  • Plan How To Get To Your Five-Year Goal
  • Plan Marketing
  • Plan New Menu Launch

Planning is an integrated function.  Most of the planning items listed above link to each other in some fashion.

For instance, once you have planned and forecasted your sales, you can then plan your staffing needs, food ordering, food production and any marketing you would like to do.

How Do I Plan?

Planning takes time.  It is not an agenda item that you rush to get done.  For existing restaurants, much information from many departments must be collected.  Once this is completed, then you are ready to plan.  For new restaurants with no previous history, a Market Analysis must be completed before planning can begin.

Restaurant Management 101

Team 101 is here to help you do your planning.  We will show you how to make plans for each of the planning functions listed above.  If you subscribe, you will be notified each time a new how-to article is posted.

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