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Portion Control Audit

Food portion control is a huge factor in controlling your restaurant's food cost. Many hours are spent developing recipes for taste and value. Many more hours are spent in training your kitchen staff to prepare those recipes to exact specifications.

Variances in recipe preparation and the portions served to your customers can cost you a bundle and hit your food cost hard. On the other hand, customers can be turned off if the portions are too small.

The best way to ensure quality and value to the customer along with protecting restaurant profits is to regularly do a Portion Control Audit. Through a Portion Control Audit (PCA), you learn:

  • Are the portions exact, or at least within allowed tolerance
  • How often are portions out of tolerance
  • Which prep cook is diligent at meeting your specs
  • How much money you lose when portions are not to spec

Once the Portion Control Audit is complete, you must give immediate feedback to the cook!  Let her/him know what was incorrect and the importance of meeting specs on portions.  This is a "Teachable Moment" so make the most of it.  If necessary, retrain immediately or set up a time for retraining.

For a free form, see Portion Audit Form.

To learn more, see Portion Audit:  Simple Steps to Better Profits

If you need help in setting up a custom Portion Control Audit for your restaurant(s), contact the RM101 Team and we will be happy to discuss your individual situation.

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