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Catering Food Quantity Guide

When you're planning to serve a large party on-site, or planning a catering event off-premises, determining the amount of food to prep can be a daunting task. If you prep too much food, the client will claim you made too much just to be able to charge for it.

If you don't prep enough food and actually run out, the client will certainly be angry. Planning a large catering event must be as precise as possible, whether in-house or off-site.

The Catering Food Quantity Guide will be a great help in estimating the quantity of food you need to prepare. While not guaranteeing 100% accuracy, it is a darn close estimate!

You can precisely calculate the cost of food for your catering event by using the Catering Job Calculator.

The Catering Food Quantity Guide is included, at no extra charge, as part of your "Premium" membership.  Become a member and, at your request, this form will be sent to you at no charge after your registration is complete.


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