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How to Keep a Sparkly Clean Restaurant

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We all know it’s just not feasible to deep clean every area of the restaurant every day unless you have an unlimited budget, but most of us don’t have money to spare. So how do we stay clean without blowing our labor budgets? The most effective way is to setup a Closing Checklist and a Sparkle Program.

Closing Checklist

A closing checklist is a detailed list of all necessary daily closing procedures. It’s best to do a separate list for each station. The closing checklist is useful in two different ways. First, your crew can use the list to make sure they have completed all of the tasks in their station. Second, it will be used by the manager to check out the employees before allowing them to leave. They will know everything is done as long as they follow the list.

Sparkle Program

A sparkle program is a list of cleaning projects that can’t be done or don’t need to be done daily, but shouldn’t be forgotten for long. Sparkle programs can be set up in any time frame you would like, however a daily sparkle is the best way to achieve all of your cleaning goals. With a daily sparkle there can be an extra one or two cleaning projects every day, but not too much to overwhelm your crew. It’s best to do a separate sparkle for every station.

• You can also set up a weekly, bi weekly or monthly sparkle program if you have more projects that should be done at less frequent intervals. You can always find more areas to clean.

• Try to schedule the hardest or most time consuming projects when you have the most staff, this way part of the crew can focus on the daily cleaning and the other crew members can concentrate on the sparkle projects.

• You must hold all of your crew members accountable for their prospective sparkle projects. If you don’t, it will only be done by a few select people which will cause tension amongst crew members and the few that do their sparkle will soon stop.

• You can give incentives for the cleanest station. This is just an option, but an extra few hours added to a pay check or a free meal every once in a while can go a long way to boost moral and willingness to do the extra work.

Setting up and executing the closing checklist and sparkle programs correctly will ensure a sparkly clean restaurant that you and your team can take pride in day after day. Oh and your customers will definitely notice it too.


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