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As a restaurateur or food handler you can become inundated with the amount of information available on foodborne illnesses alone.  If you are in the restaurant business it is your responsibility to know and to train others working for you to understand the importance of this information, and how to use the information in order to be as safe as possible for the consumer.

foodborne illness is caused by consuming contaminated foods or beverages. The contamination can be caused by pathogens, microbes, poisonous chemicals, or other harmful substances being present in the food or drink that you consumed.

An outbreak of foodborne illness happens when a group of people eat the same food that is contaminated and two or more people come down with the same illness.

Foods that are most likely to become contaminated are:

  1. Raw Meat
  2. Raw Poultry
  3. Raw eggs
  4. Raw Shellfish
  5. Unpasteurized Milk
  6. Foods that are mixed such as raw pooled eggs, or ground beef
  1. All fruits and vegetables consumed raw
  2. Alfalfa and other raw sprouts
  3. Unpasteurized fruit juice

This is just a small peak into the foods that we must be ever so careful handling.  In our FAT TOM article,  Team 101 gave you information on the six conditions in which pathogens need to grow, and a list of the top ten food combinations which burden the public health.

We have produced an easy to read poster of  the six conditions that pathogens need to grow.   Although armed with this information, it becomes useless to you and your staff until you understand how to use the FAT TOM concept to help make your restaurant a safer environment.

How do you use the FAT TOM concept to your advantage?

Out of the six conditions listed on FAT TOM, Time and Temperature are the two conditions in which we can control best in the workplace.  Team 101 has designed a simple chart that combines all of the information from our current and previous articles and charts to help you and your staff understand the importance of FAT TOM and how to apply to your restaurant(s).

This new chart, " FAT TOM TO YOUR ADVANTAGE " has been created so that you can be well on your way to becoming a safer working environment, and a safer place in which to dine.

To get the full color-coded chart, Contact Team 101.


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