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No More Guessing Games

Food Rotation

A big problem that many restaurants have is clutter and disorganization when it comes to their open food items.  It's simply a guessing game as to what food is the freshest and what food should be tossed.

When you're dealing with food, you can't guess - you must know!  The shelf life of opened or prepared foods will vary greatly, depending upon the product.

Many restaurants have a designated area in their cooler or in their dry storage for opened items, such as a use first shelf, to help with rotation and organization. There is one major issue with this: keeping it organized and rotated properly. We're going to tell you about a few great products that will help you solve this problem when used correctly.

Daydots are different colored stickers that each have a different day on them which makes it easier to differentiate between days. Daydots are great for common and easily recognizable items such as cheese. To use Daydots, determine the shelf life of the item you have and simply place a dot with that many days on the package or storage container. For example: If today is Monday and I have just opened a pack of shredded cheese with a shelf life of 5 days then I will need to place a Friday dot on the package or container. It is important to always remember to count the day you opened the item; if you don’t you may end up keeping the item past it’s shelf life and serving a poor quality product to your guest.

Date Labels/Prep Labels
Date Labels are very useful adhesive labels that you use to record information about the item you’re going to be using it on. The labels typically ask for the following information; Item, date prepared/opened, time prepared/opened, date expires, time expires, employee who prepped/opened, and the kitchen manager’s signature. These labels are great for items prepared in house and for uncommon items that some people may not recognize. These labels are designed to wash off in the dishwasher so don’t worry, there won't be stickers all over your containers.

Use First Stickers
A Use First Sticker is... well you guessed it: a sticker that says USE FIRST in big bold letters. This sticker is designed to catch the eye of the employee who is getting product to use. If you have many of the same items opened it’s a good idea to put a use first sticker on the one that needs to be used first. This will help catch the eye of an employee if they are in a hurry to get back to the line or if they just don’t look very hard.

The Wrap Up
If you use these great products correctly they’ll help you keep your storage areas more organized and keep FIFO in place. You’re sure to have less waste in your kitchen so the cost of these products should be offset.

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