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Protein Temperature Chart

Created according to Standard Food Safety Procedures, the Protein Temperature Chart is a comprehensive, all-in-one listing of cooking temperatures for proteins you sell every day.  The Protein Temperature Chart is a required teaching aid.

Easy to read, easy to understand and comprehend, the Protein Temperature Chart explains  the protein's minimum internal temperature that must be reached while cooking.  The Protein Temperature Chart features:

  • Protein Type
  • Description of the Protein
  • Minimum Internal Temperature the Protein should reach while cooking
  • Minimum Internal Temperature Hold Time
  • Food Safety Tips

The Protein Temperature Chart is an excellent tool for learning, and teaching, food safe cooking standards.  It is ideal for managers and cooks alike to ensure your restaurant's food safety.

The Protein Temperature Chart sells for $19.95.  Print one for each area of your kitchen and your training room. Purchase the Chart and we will email it to you within 32 hours.

Also get your Steak Temperature Chart.


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