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Restaurant Ill Worker Policy

Do you have a Restaurant Ill Worker Policy at your restaurant? If an employee comes to work sick, do you allow them to work?

A recent study, focused on the investigation of contributing factors to foodborne illness, was conducted by the Environmental Health Specialists Network (EHS-Net).

Published earlier this year by the CDC's Journal of Food Protection, results showed that in approximately 20% of foodborne illness outbreaks, the transmission of pathogens from food workers to the food they handle was implicated as a contributing factor.(1)

Reasons stated for allowing sick employees to work were:

  • Restaurant was extremely busy
  • Lack of Ill Worker Policy
  • Lack of on-call workers
  • Lack of Manager Experience

You can't afford a foodborne illness outbreak in your restaurant. Establish an "Ill Worker Policy" in your restaurant and rigidly enforce it.

Read the full report. Also, see the poster presented at the National Environmental Health Association Annual Meeting, Atlanta, GA , June 22, 2009

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(1) CDC's Journal of Food Protection

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