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Restaurant Menu Retail Price Calculator

Restaurant Menu Retail Price Calculator |

How do you "cost out a menu"?

How do you determine your restaurant menu retail prices?

The Menu Retail Price {MRP} is very crucial to the restaurant's viability!

How?  Why?

  • Calculates the Selling Price for each Entree
  • Provides your customers a quality meal at the best value
  • Ensures you are selling your food at the right price
  • Ensures the accuracy of your food cost
  • Improves your profit

Menu Costing can be time-consuming and a lot of guesswork.

With the MRP, you'll know precisely what the price should be for a meal, entree or even a beverage.

The MRP sets the price for you!  Allows you to determine the food cost percentage you need and find out if you've been charging too much or too little.

A must-have for any restaurant, the MRP can be customized to your specifications.

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