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Rotate Your Money to the Bank (FIFO)

In this article we will teach you the proper ways to rotate your inventory. In doing so, we will also show you how to save money.

The first thing you need to know is FIFO, this stands for First In First Out.

FIFO teaches us that we should always rotate older product to the front and keep our freshest inventory behind the older to insure that the product is being used when it should be. There are many ways to achieve this goal. We are going to give you some pointers to help with the execution of FIFO.

• Always have a responsible employee(s) involved with putting up food orders.

• Always have enough help to put the truck order away. (Running short handed usually causes people to take short cuts, like not rotating, to save time or get caught up).

• Always prep your cooler/food storage areas for truck orders. (clean cooler, check dates of product and have arranged oldest to newest (leave room for the new inventory coming in.) This saves a lot of time when the truck arrives and will help ensure that your inventory is rotated properly.

• Meats should be stored as followed; Ready to eat, Seafood, Beef/Pork, Poultry. This is required to prevent food born illness through cross contamination

• Your frozen items should also be rotated using FIFO. For the freezer FIFO is useful to keep the product fresh, shelf life usually is not an issue. This will help with freezer burn and other quality killers associated with the freezer.

• You can also get some helpful stickers such as USE FIRST stickers to help catch the attention of your employees when getting food for prep or the line.

• Your kitchen manager/owner should check the cooler/food storage areas daily, and again after truck/food orders

Follow these few steps and you will not only be more organized, but you will be able to serve a fresher, better tasting dish to your guests, and save money in the process

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