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Steak Cooking Chart

It has been our experience through the years that one of the hardest lessons to teach is meat cooking temperatures.  Yet, this is a most critical aspect of customer satisfaction.

When a customer orders a steak and specifies that she/he wants that steak cooked to a certain temperature, the cook must deliver.  When the customer gets the steak, if it's not cooked properly, then it must be recooked.  A steak recook does two things:

  1. It costs the restaurant money in the form of food cost;
  2. The customer doesn't have an outstanding experience.  He/she must wait for their steak to be recooked while the others in the party are eating.  Not good!

The Temperature Cooking Chart will resolve this situation.  Use it to train your cooks what each temperature is and how to achieve those desired temperatures.

Furthermore, teach your waitstaff what each temperature level means.  Also teach them to relay this information to the customer when the steak is ordered.  If there is an understanding by the customer what the steak will be when it arrives at his table, there will be no misunderstanding when the steak arrives exactly the way it was ordered.

The Temperature Cooking Chart is included, at no extra charge, when you become a "Premium Member" to  Click Temperature Cooking Chart to access the form.  Print two copies:  one for your cooks and one for the Front of House servers and bartenders.

Please send us ideas and tell us how you made the Steak Temperature Cooking Chart a help for your restaurant staff.

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