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Portion Audit Form

Restaurant food cost management involves many tasks.  Here is another tool that is very important to achieve your food cost.

Food portion control ensures value to the customer and helps protect restaurant profits.

Portion Audit Form

Food portion control is very critical.  Why? Food cost control and customer satisfaction are the two main reasons.

There are many benefits to using the Portion Audit Form:

  1. Ensures customers get the amount of food paid for.
  2. Trains your cooks to be consistent when portioning food
  3. Ensures portions are consistently to spec
  4. Ensures food cost is as planned according to the MRP

When you set the selling price of an entree or side dish using the Menu Retail Price (MRP) form, the selling price of that item is established based on the cost of that item.  The cost of the item is based on the portion size.

Therefore, you establish a standard portion size and set your selling price.  If that item is over-portioned (larger than spec) then you are losing money because you are giving more food than the retail price is paying for.  If the portion is smaller than spec, then you are cheating the customer.

Portion Audit Procedures

How often should you do a portion audit?  As often as is necessary.

  • If your weekly food cost is higher than your ideal food cost, then check your portion sizes.  To do a prep portion audit, take the form to your prep area cooler and weigh or measure the prepped portions, noting the results.
  • If you have a cook that you are training to do portioning, then do a portion audit to check her/his work.
  • If you use a steamline or dip table in your restaurant, ring up a ticket without the cooks knowledge.  When the food is prepared, weigh or measure to check portion sizes.
  • Share the results with each employee involved and other managers.  This sets the tone of the importance of proper portion sizes.

The Portion Audit Form is free from  Subscribe and then request the form by Contacting us.



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