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Reduce Labor Cost By Variable Scheduling

Do you have "fixed" schedules for your employees?  Are all employees scheduled the same starting time and stopping time?

One of the ways that you can save employee labor cost is by what I call 'variable scheduling'.  Variable scheduling works no matter how big your operation.

You may have only one shift that serves breakfast and lunch.  If your operation serves lunch and dinner, or all three day-parts, then you probably have at least two shifts.  Variable scheduling takes a little time to set up but will pay big returns in the amount of money saved.

Variable Scheduling works in this manner.  You need to track your sales for each hour during each shift.  Then schedule more people during the busy hours and less people during slow hours.  Of course, if your restaurant operations require a lot of food production, then you'll need to schedule more people before the busy hours in order to have the food ready when you need it.

For example, if you have two shifts, then you will not need as many employees to be on the clock between 2 pm and 4 pm.  This is a slow period of time.  The same applies if you have a breakfast operation.  You won't need as many employees at 6 am as you might need at 8 am.

If you need help with variable scheduling, Team 101 can do a Labor Analysis for your restaurant.  Let us know your needs by using the Contact form.  We will also have an in-depth training session on Variable Scheduling on our membership site.


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