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What’s Your Deal?

The holidays are here!  Are you ready?

Thanksgiving is 27 days away and it is 58 days to Christmas.  The holidays are always a busy time in the restaurant business.  Being prepared for the extra volume of customers is imperative.  This is a chance to build your business even more.  It is a time to build repeat business by taking care of new customers in a way that will bring them back throughout the rest of the year.

Many restaurants create special deals for the holiday period.  Some offer specials on their regular menu items and others bring in special items that aren't normally sold the rest of the year.  Special events are created to entice people to bring their Holiday Party to your restaurant instead of losing that business to another venue.  Holiday parties and banquets are a great source of extra revenue.

If you are near a cluster of retail outlets, Black Friday definitely provides an opportunity for huge sales.  In the past, Black Friday was a massive sales day for me.  I prepared for it starting November 1st.  If you'd like to know how to make this one of your biggest sales days of the year, contact me and I will send you detailed information of how I achieved these sales.  I will send you step-by-step plans.

I've already seen some restaurants advertising Thanksgiving specials.  Restaurants that are open Thanksgiving Day normally attract families that simply don't want to spend the day cooking and then cleaning up afterwards.  Of course, there are also those restaurants that open Thanksgiving Day and offer nothing to do with turkey.  Let's face it:  some people don't like turkey.

So What's Your Deal?  What kind of deals or specials are you creating at your restaurant?  I'd  like to know.  I am creating a special section, "Holiday Deals" and I would like to feature your restaurant and the deals, events, or specials that you have.  It's industry helping industry.  Let others know and maybe someone can learn from you.

I will create a small blurb about you, your restaurant (photo if you want), and what you are doing special for the holidays.  Nothing proprietary - just what you are doing. If you've done this in the past, tell us how it has worked.  If you have flyers, I'd like to see those too.

Happy Holidays


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