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Food Cost 101

Food Cost 101 |

Food Cost 101 is a Coaching Workshop. In this workshop, you will learn, and learn to control, the many variables that make up your food cost. In this workshop, you will learn:

The Variables: what they are and how each one affects your bottom-line profit

Effective Food Cost Systems: how to create and put in place

Basic Food Cost control procedures

Ideal Food Cost: how to determine what yours is

Interactive Modules

There are 15 Modules to this workshop. They are listed below.

Each Module is designed to coach you on another aspect of controlling food cost.

As you work through each Module, there will be assignments, quizzes and tests to ensure that you specifically learn that Module. We will be Coaching you through each Module. This means, if you desire, Team 101 will be available to answer questions and help determine a solution to any part of the Module that you don’t quite understand or see how it fits your operations. We will Coach you.

This Coaching Workshop: Food Cost 101, is available only in the member area and is included as part of your "Premium" membership. Once your registration is complete, Contact Team 101 and request Food Cost 101.

Here are the Modules. As each Module becomes available, it will be a blue link.

MODULE 1: Introduction
MODULE 2: Sales Forecasting
MODULE 3: Purchasing
MODULE 4: Invoice Posting
MODULE 5: Inventory
MODULE 6: Production
MODULE 7: Portion Control
MODULE 8: Waste
MODULE 9: Cooking
MODULE 10: Equipment
MODULE 11: Front of House
MODULE 12: Voids
MODULE 14: Proper Food Rotation
MODULE 15: Sanitation

Become a member now to get this unique Coaching Workshop.  Food Cost 101 Coaching Workshop would sell for $79.95 if sold separately.  However, we chose to keep it only for our Premium Members!  At this time, Food Cost 101 is still in development. We will let you know when it is released.

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