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Reducing Food Waste

Food waste in restaurants is one of the highest cost that an operation can incur.  If you don't control food waste, you simply have money going out to the dumpster in the trash can!

According to a new report just released, a single restaurant can produce 25,000 pounds of food waste in a year.  That's a lot of food wasted!  You can read about the report at Restaurant Food Waste A Global Concern.

This report was commissioned by Unilever Food Solutions.  I thought the report was very interesting and worth bringing to our readers.

Two things stuck in my mind about the report:

  1. The report itself can help restaurant owners and managers to really take a look at their operations and how much food is wasted.  Most managers can find a solution to at least part of their food waste.
  2. Unilever is a huge conglomerate with lots of resources.  The company has built a website on Reducing Food Waste.  At this site, Unilever is offering a one-on-one consultation with a Unilever Food Solutions representative to help pinpoint specific sustainability practices for your restaurant. This could be huge for your restaurant.

So read the report, establish tighter controls to reduce food waste, and contact Unilever to learn how your restaurant can be more sustainable.



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