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Carry Note Cards In Your Pocket

R.E.S.T. Management Tip |
One of the key components of being a successful restaurant manager is taking action immediately. My motto is: If You See It - Fix It!

There are times when you'll see issues that can't be fixed johnny-on-the-spot. For those times, I have made it a habit of carrying 3"x5" note cards in my pocket. Of course, I always have a pen in my pocket also.

This technique helps to stay on top of issues and serves as a reminder of the issue. We can't always remember everything, so for those times we use a note card.

Example: I'm walking through my BOH on the way to the back door to accept a delivery. As I'm walking, I notice a piece of tile in the floor is cracked. Obviously, I can't fix that immediately. So I take out my note card and jot down a note.

At the end of the day, I take out my note card(s) and recap what needs attention and make my plans for the next day to ensure all issues are in the works to be taken care of. Most of the issues will already be taken care of because that same day, when I got back into my office, I made the necessary calls and scheduled the repairs.

Carry note cards with you at all times. You'll be better organized and stay on top of priorities.

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