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Daily Expense Tracker

Daily Expense Tracker |

The DET will tell you daily:

  • How Much Money You’ve Spent In Each Category
  • How Much Money You Have Left To Spend To Meet Your Budget
  • Automatically Adjusts To Your Actual Sales

Now you will know precisely how well you are meeting your budget. Restaurant expenses must be controlled on a daily basis – or they will be out-of-control!

Customize to your specific operations! Know Labor Costs and how much you've spent on payroll every day and week-to-date. You'll know exactly how much labor dollars you have left to spend to make budget.

You can track other expenses as you wish. Simply enter the items that you need to track. Then enter your target budget dollars.

Inside the program are complete, step-by-step instructions.  Set up is quick and easy.

Program Requirements:  Microsoft Excel®

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