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If You See It, Fix It

Restaurant Problems |
Problems and situations constantly arise in the restaurant business. Situations are problems waiting to happen. My motto: If You See It - Fix It!

Let me explain. Most restaurants typically have two or more managers on staff. All managers are responsible and accountable to ensure that operations are at 100% standard. However, it is easy to walk past a situation that you've identified and say to yourself, "I'll let the next manager fix that".

No! Absolutely not. You see it, You fix it! When you see a problem or situation, you then own that problem or situation. It is now your responsibility to take the necessary steps to ensure standards are at par.

If by chance it is a problem that you can't fix, then take out your 3"x5" note card and make a note. Then, make sure that the person that can fix the problem is made aware of the problem. After that, you follow-up to know that the problem is fixed!

This is a R.E.S.T. that, when applied, sets the standard for your entire team!

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