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Sales projections are a critical part of any restaurant operation.  You must know, to a degree of certainty, how much restaurant sales volume you will do next week for many reasons.

Forecasted sales will determine:

  1. The amount of food that you will need to order
  2. The amount of staff you that will need to schedule
  3. The amount of supplies that you will need to order
  4. Food production planning

Sales forecasting is not always easy.  There are many variables to consider.  However, the job doesn't have to be time consuming.  With the Sales Forecaster, simply fill in the blanks and you will get an accurate projection of what your sales will be next week.

Sales projections will never be 100% dead-on.  However, the norm is to be within 3% of actual sales.  If you can forecast your sales to within 97% accuracy, then you will be able to manage to your targeted expenses by reacting quickly early in the week.

The Sales Forecaster projects your sales by the week.  There are also options to forecast sales by the day and by the shift.  As with most RestaurantMgmt101 Forms, the Sales Forecaster can be customized to your specific operations for a nominal fee.

The Sales Forecaster is priced at $19.95.

Program Requirements:  Microsoft Excel®

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