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Summer Time Hiring

Two Types of Summer Time Job Applicants |

Although we are technically two months from summertime, you should be hiring now to fill the slots needed.    According to the US Department of labor, the national unemployment rate is at 8.2%, with some states sitting at a much higher percentage.    The huge influx of promising applicants will put you in the driver’s seat, and allow you to be choosey when it comes to hiring.

With the unemployment rate still not stable you will have two types of applicants walking through your door for summertime hire.

  • Young adults out of school for the summer
  • Out of work professionals


    1. Although schools are still in session, young adults will begin their summertime work search early.  These candidates are great for your summertime hiring needs because they have no aspirations of this becoming a full time position, which in your case may be exactly what you need.  Once you have them trained, they are more than likely to return to you every summer until they are finished with school.College students also are a great resource for your staffing needs.  They will let you know about their college friends needing jobs.  You will already have a feel for what kind of ethics your employee has, and in all likelihood their friends will have those same strengths.

      A large percentage of students will be available on holidays and weekends.  They will be willing or desperate to pick up these shifts for extra cash; whereas your permanent help will be begging for those days off.   You will need to find out what college they are attending as to whether or not their college will close the dormitories during major holidays and breaks.  Most colleges do not.

      The only downfall with students is that they need you to be flexible with scheduling.  You must work around their school itinerary.  I have had much success with college students.  For the most part they are very reliable due to the fact that they are trying to make their way through school.


  1. Your second choice of applicants will be adults out of work desperately needing to find a job.  This will be a hard choice for you to make.  You have to weigh the pros and cons carefully when hiring great talent.On the one hand, these professionals will be dedicated and responsible. They will go the extra mile and always be gracious to your guests.  They will be early into work, and the last to go home. They will pick up shifts, they will work overtime, and they will fill other positions when a staff member calls out or simply don’t show up.  They will follow all the rules.   They will be your dream come true.

    So what could possibly go wrong?  They may have a hard time taking direction. They may feel as though they know everything.  They may not fit in with your staff as a whole.  The biggest problem of all will be the moment they receive a call for a “real job”.   Most will be out of the door in a flash.  No warning, no notice.


  1. Have guidelines written down prior to your summertime hiring process and stick to them.
  2. Use your gut instinct.  You will instinctively know if this person will be a good fit for you and your guests.
  3. Check their backgrounds, and call references.

If you follow these 3 easy steps you should be successful in hiring your summertime needs.  Good Luck!

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