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Two-Minute Form Does All This?

Sydni |

  • Product / Sales Mix
  • % of Sales for Each Menu Item
  • Production Chart
  • Prep Sheet for each Individual Dept.
  • Estimated Labor Hours required to complete the Production Chart
  • Estimated Labor Dollars required to complete the Prep Sheet
  • Freezer Pull Chart
  • Food Order
  • Supply Order (Quick Service Restaurants)
  • Meat Order
  • Produce Order
  • % Salad Bar Sales
  • % Beverage Sales
  • % Seafood Sales
  • % Meat Sales
  • Track Yield Percentages of Various Products

Takes two minutes per day to fill out the form.  Only the best will get this form.  Will you?

Built on-site, in-house, on your computer (if desired).  Requires lots of benchmarking.

Call us.  We'll talk.

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