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Restaurant Mgmt 101 is a free website for Restaurant Owners and Managers. We call it “Restaurant Mgmt Made Simple”™. For those who want more, consider the Membership Option.

The website is free with lots of material for restaurant owners and managers. For those who want more in-depth training, we do have a membership area with lots of benefits. See Membership Benefits.

We will show you simpler methods to make managing much easier and yet accomplish targeted goals.

  • Food Cost Best Practices that are easy to implement and execute
  • Labor Cost Methods and Procedures that produce savings and efficiency
  • Food Order Forms that maintain low inventory without having product out-of-stock
  • Food Inventory Forms, methods and procedures
  • Supply Order Forms
  • DET Form helps control restaurant expenses and ensure budgets are met with ease
  • Supplier Resources to to find cost-efficient supplies from food to utensils
  • Helpful, fact-filled and operations-driven articles for management “best practices”
  • Administrative Forms and methods to allow you to spend less time in the office
  • Training Methods for Management and Staff including Soft Skills
  • Hiring & Interviewing Best Practices
  • Staff Schedules that work for you
  • Menu Mix Forms to know your top-selling items
  • Promotional Material and ways to achieve higher traffic
  • “What’s HOT” to keep tabs on current trends in the restaurant business
  • Health Dept. criteria for scoring top audits
  • Entree Selling Price form to determine correct sale price for each menu item is a strong resource for any Restaurant Manager who is dedicated to providing a great service and at the same time bringing higher profits to the bottom line. Learn from our Team of highly experience Restaurant Managers who have “been there and done that”.

Dedicated to helping you to “Easily Manage Better”, our Team has over 80 years experience doing exactly what you are doing on a daily basis. We are down-to-earth people so feel free to ‘Talk To Us’.

We thank you for visiting!

Ted, Kathi, Joe, Ronnie

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