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Rip-Off Customers

How to Stop Rip-Off Customers |
Atlanta, GA, July 2, 2012 (RM101) - We all have them - or had them. The restaurant customer who comes in about once a month - and is never happy or satisfied with their food. After serving their order, it seems all is well. Until the end. They've eaten almost all the meal - but - it just wasn't cooked correctly.

As the restaurant industry has become famous for, we apologize, buy the meal, and hope they don't tell their neighbors. MALARKY!

These are "Rip-Off Customers".! They do it all over town. They "game" the system. It's not just your restaurant they rip-off. They do it all over town! They do it to casual dining restaurants, quick-service restaurants, pizza restaurants, donut shops - they don't discriminate. They treat every one the same. Believe it!

Two, Four, Six, Eight. They Do Not Discriminate!

Rip-Off Schemes
What about the table that orders "never tried before" items. Then, they tell you, " I don't like this. Just give me xx instead.

When did the word get out that at restaurants, "You Can Try It Free"? No. This happens a lot with kids meals. The parent orders shrimp for the kid. The kid doesn't like shrimp. The parent says, "Oh. Just take that off the bill. He doesn't like it. Just give him a burger." What??

Where is the huge banner waving, "Try It. If you don't like it, you don't have to pay for it" ???? We have to change to a gift shop mentality. There are signs everywhere that say: "If you break it - you bought it". We should post signs and print on the menu: "You order it - you pay for it".

Oh. What about the one that orders a steak. Can't decide if he wants it mid-rare or medium. Says, "Cook it between mid-rare and medium." He just set you up to have to buy the meal! No matter how the steak comes out to the table, he'll eat half of it and then complain that it wasn't cooked the way he ordered it.

Quick-serve restaurants get their share, too. The customer orders a sack full of burgers at the drive-thru. Then pulls around to the parking lot, comes inside, and says you left out one of the burgers. It happens every day!

Stop the Rip-Off Customer

So how do we stop all this? Be firm and consistent! In this economy, we need every customer we can get, right?. NO.! You don't need this type of customer. This customer always cost you money. They are stealing from you with your help!

You are in business to make money. Remember? Stop this type of customer. Let them go somewhere else! Then, they will also tell their buddies to not come to your restaurant because they won't get free food. This way, you'll be serving customers who appreciate your food and are very willing to pay for it because it is a value.

What To Do

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