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Teachable Moments

What Is A "Teachable Moment"?
As an Operations Manager, your job is never done. In fact, every moment in your restaurant, you should be watching your staff and coaching each one to set your expectations.

When you aren't visiting customers, your employees should be constantly coached on procedures, processes, and your goals. You should also be giving praise for a job well done!

Utilizing Teachable Moments
Let's say you are making rounds through your operation. You go into the kitchen and a cook is preparing the special of the day. You notice that she isn't using measuring cups. This is a Teachable Moment.

If you just walk on by without correcting the cook you have missed a valuable opportunity! Take the time to emphasize that measuring cups must be used to maintain the consistency of the product. Following the recipe every time it's made also ensures that you get the yields needed.

Another example: your host, cashier, greeter doesn't greet a customer immediately upon entering your restaurant. After the customer is seated, take the time to make the host understand the importance of customers being greeted immediately upon entering.

Ignoring "Teachable Moments" will cost you in the long run. Just STOP and do it every time you get the opportunity!

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