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Recipes That Save You Money

New Restaurant Feature
As a member of RestaurantMgmt101, you have access to recipes that will save you money. How?

  • Recipes to replace pre-made items that you are currently buying
  • Recipes that let you easily add a new item to your menu
  • Recipes for special promotions or limited time offers
  • Recipes that will allow you to add a 'daily feature' for lunch or dinner
  • Create signature menu items

This section allows you to explore new opportunities with your menu. You will be able to add side dishes or entrees that will be made fresh daily in your own kitchen.

Use the MRP form to calculate your per item cost for these recipes to ensure you sell the item at a fair price. You will provide great value to your customers and a fair profit for your restaurant.

When you join RestaurantMgmt101, all recipes are included with your membership.

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