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Customer Count Forecaster

Simple question. If you don't know how many customers you will serve next week, then how will you know how much food to buy, how many employees to schedule, and how many supplies to buy.?

Sales forecasting is the most commonly used method of determining how much business you will do in the upcoming week. This is important, however, customer count forecasting is a more accurate method to use in other food service systems and operating processes.

For instance, tracking customer counts and customer count forecasting is much more accurate for:

*  Food ordering

*  Meat Ordering

*  Production Forecasting

*  Inventory Management

The Customer Count Forecaster is now available to help manage your operations. Built originally for restaurants, the program can be used as is and/or adapted to other foodservice operations such as school cafeterias, caterers, military and institutional contract feeders.

The form is designed to forecast based off last year's numbers. However, if you are a new food service operation or don't have last year's numbers, the form will still forecast your sales based on the most recent numbers.


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