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Supplier Delivery Rates Throwing You A Curve?

Delivery Rate Accuracy

You set your order par levels as close as possible to manage your inventory. You place your order to your supplier fully expecting delivery of each product ordered.

Your stock delivery truck arrives. Then you find out that one of the urgently-needed products is marked "out of stock" on the invoice. Now, you have to find that item elsewhere.

Because you have to have that product, you go to a local supermarket or food warehouse. You have to spend your time, your gas money, and perhaps pay a higher price. All because your supplier didn't deliver.

How often does this happen to you? Why do you continue to accept this type of service. Is this the type service you give your customers?

We would like to know how your suppliers rate. Please take a few seconds and complete the form below and submit it to us. Your suppliers will never know. In fact, we won't know who your supplier is because we don't ask.

We want to know the common problems food service operators experience and maybe we can supply some solutions. For your time, we will email you the form of your choice, absolutely free, from the list of forms that are included with a membership. (See Membership Benefits)  This does not include the workshop, just one of the forms.

Rate Your Suppliers' Delivery Rate.

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