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Dollars to Dumpster: Reducing Food Waste

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Food waste - it's inevitable. Every foodservice operation has food waste. You can't stop it - but you can control and minimize the effect of food waste on your profit.

Typically, food waste cost you about 2% of your gross sales. Whether that cost is more or less directly depends on your controls, staff training, and the actions that you take in managing your foodservice operation.

Food waste occurs in every facet of your operation: purchasing, food prep, walk-in coolers, cook's line, servers, dishwashers.

There are many reasons that food waste occurs:

  • Food expires on the shelf by the processor’s code date
  • Fresh produce expires when over-bought
  • Cooked food expires when the “hold” time expires
  • Food is over-cooked or burned
  • Food is dropped to the floor
  • Too much food is prepped or over-production
  • Prepped food trimmings (produce, meats)
  • And the list goes on

If you, as the manager, don't control food waste, no one else will.! Food waste is typically around 2% to 3% of your gross sales. However, those numbers can and will skyrocket without the proper controls in place.

When we think of food waste, we usually think of the obvious: chicken tenders over-cooked, french fries hold time expired, cooked too many burgers, etc. However, there is another entire area of food waste that slips to the dumpster right under our nose, Hidden Food Waste.

Hidden food waste is those items we lose but don't know about. For example, a cook drops a steak on the floor and rushes to get it into the trash can before you see it. Ding!  Another cook burns a batch of chicken, hurries to get it into the trash, and rushes to get another batch cooking before you come into the kitchen. Ding!  A waiter knows that you have gone to the bank. He gives a table free beverages thinking it will garner him a larger tip. Ding!

Any kind of food waste will ding your profits. Team 101 has just published a tutorial titled, Hidden Food Waste: Profit Dingers.  In this 5-page, 2000-word workshop, we teach you:

  • How to control waste in any foodservice operation
  • How to track all waste, not just the obvious
  • Control systems to manage food waste to the minimum
  • The "Million Dollar Tool" and why it's named that
  • To spot hidden food waste in all areas of your operation
  • How many dollars even just one cook can cost you
  • The Five Tools Every Kitchen Must Have

This valuable tutorial will open your eyes to waste problems you didn't know you had. Hidden Food Waste: Profit Dingers sells for $17.95 but you can get it free as part of your membership to RestaurantMgmt101.  Or, buy the book and save: Restaurant Profit Dingers: Hidden Food Waste: A Restaurant Manager's Guide to Controlling Hidden Food Waste (Volume 1)


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