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Food Waste Tracker

Every restaurant or foodservice operation has food waste. It is inevitable.

However, you should track that waste and be able to better control the amount of dollars going into your dumpster.

There are many reasons that food waste occurs:

  • Food expires on the shelf by the processor's code date
  • Fresh produce expires when over-bought
  • Cooked food expires when the "hold" time expires
  • Food is over-cooked or burned
  • Food is dropped to the floor
  • Too much food is prepped or over-production
  • Prepped food trimmings (produce, meats)
  • And the list goes on

The Food Waste Tracker will pinpoint your waste problem areas and items which will then allow you to be very proactive in controlling the discards or waste on that item.

The Food Waste Tracker will also:

  • Track how many of each item is wasted daily and weekly
  • TrackĀ  waste dollars on food trimmings such as produce, meats, etc
  • Show you the dollar amount of each item wasted on a daily basis
  • Calculates total waste dollars for each day and for the week
  • Shows you your weekly total waste as a percentage of sales
  • How much waste you have per customer

Used in conjunction with the "Waste Log", the Food Waste Tracker is a valuable tool that will help you put more dollars to your bottom line profit instead of tossing dollars into the dumpster.

The program contains complete instructions for completing and utilizing the Food Waste Tracker.

Get Food Waste Tracker for only $19.95.

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