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Tracking Waitstaff Efficiency

Let's face it. If you manage a casual dining restaurant, then your servers are your salespeople. They are the ones who sell your food and beverages to your customers. They are your 'frontline'.

Some servers perform better than others. A good server can handle a four or five-table station and their customers will leave happy and satisfied. Other servers can barely handle three tables and you have to monitor them carefully.

Then, you have the server that handles the four or five-table station, makes their customers happy, and in your eye, is a good server. But you notice that this server's sales and check average are usually lower than other servers with the same qualities. You also notice that it takes this person longer to complete side duties and closing tasks.

What is the difference? Where is the problem? Why does she/he run a good shift but yet doesn't turn in the numbers?

The Server Efficiency Tracker will help to determine the answers. It is by no means the total solution. It will put the numbers in your face to allow you to compare servers' performance. It will tell you the facts by the numbers - not emotion.

Once the numbers are on the table, then you can determine if the server needs more training in a specific area. That server may need help learning the menu better or perhaps learning how to be better at suggestive selling. It may be that this server's beverage sales are lower because she/he doesn't know your beverages well enough.

The Server Efficiency Tracker (S.E.T.) is a tool that will tell you which server is your Most Valuable Player. The S.E.T. will help you:

  • Track Server Efficiency
  • Schedule Staff Effectively
  • Bolster Contests and Competitions
  • Train Your Staff Better

The S.E.T. can track up to 25 servers. With the S.E.T., you can track and compare each server's food sales, beverage sales, check average, and more. The form can also be customized to your specifications.

Who is your Server MVP.?


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