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Prepare Now for “January Watch”

Dec. 16, 2013 - RM101 - The holidays are in full swing. Business is booming. Restaurant owners and managers are busy serving holiday shoppers, creating meals for Christmas banquets, setting staff schedules accordingly, and making time for their own families.

However, in just over three weeks, the restaurant industry takes a nose-dive in sales. January is always a slow month for restaurants and the jan_watch1smart manager makes plans for this slow time. Planning now is of the utmost importance for survival during January.

Planning must occur for all aspects of your business including sales, staffing, cost controls and people development. Making solid plans right now will lessen the impact of slower sales volume. We all know that sales is your checkbook. Without sales, you have no checkbook.

RM101 has created a 10-point checklist for January Watch. Utilize the checklist by taking each point and creating an outline of what you will do. Create your action plan and discuss it with your staff. Delegate various parts of the plan to get your staff involved. Follow up every day to ensure the plan is being executed.

RM101's January Watch 10-Point Survival Guide

 Of course, has several forms that will help to manage January Watch. See "FORMS" and also visit our forms site at

Cover photo: Snow Day. Credit: Ted Duboise

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