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Server Rotation Form


During the shifts that have several wait staff scheduled, it is imperative that each server gets a fair share of tables.

The Server Rotation Form ensures that all are treated equally. It is a simple form but can keep down chaos among your staff.

Easy to use, the host simply puts a check mark by each server's name each time a table is seated in her/his section. At a glance, you can see the number of times each server has been seated during the shift.

The form also serves as a check-out sheet at the end of the shift. As end-of-shift duties are completed, each is signed-off as done.

The Server Rotation Form is customizable, allowing you to input each server's name. The check-out duties can also be customized to fit your restaurant's operations.

The Server Rotation form is included with your membership when you join as a “Premium Member”. We do not use “downloads” – your chart will be emailed to you. After joining, contact us and request the chart. We will email the form within 32 hours.


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