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Restaurant Food Ordering Made Easy

Simple. Easy. Accurate.

Do you struggle each week when you do your food order? Are you worried that you’ll order too much of one item and not enough of another? Do you over order just to make sure you don’t run out of a product before your next delivery?

Well, fret no more. Here is a simple, easy, and accurate order guide that takes out the guesswork of ordering. I developed this form in 2004 while working for a chain restaurant. I used it for 4 years, tweaking as needed. The final result was the Food Order Guide that resulted in about 96% accuracy. DISCLAIMER: Your results may vary.

My Assistant Managers used the form also with the same results. The only time they didn’t get the same results was when they thought they knew more than the form. The form is only a guide and they thought they knew more than the guide.

Numbers don’t lie. And the form is built on numbers. It’s built using a formula that was standard protocol back when everything was calculated by hand – there were no computers.

Originally, this formula was used to locate a problem area when inventory was out of line. Now, this form does all the work when you need to know precisely how much food to order for next week. It also prevents you from having more Restaurant Profit Dingers.

I also used this form to determine how much food needed to be ordered for a new unit opening. When you have done your homework and your fairly certain how much business is projected for your first week of a new unit, then this form will tell you how much food you need to order.

One word of caution: don’t try to out-guess what the form tells you to order. Yes, when you have huge fluctuations in sales (such as when you know you have a big event next week) then you will need to adjust your customer projections. The form automatically adds a 20% buffer to your normal orders.

Complete instructions are inside the form.





To help to ensure your customer count projections are accurate, get the form Customer Count Forecaster.

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