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Deadbeat Employees Cost You Money

Deadbeat employees will work their way into any organization.  But how long they last in the organization is completely up to management!

It’s Easier To Give Birth Than Resurrect The Dead” is a Proactive Approach to Managing Employees.  Written by Ted Duboise, drawing from his 40 years of managing people in the restaurant industry, the book is only available at Although written from a restaurant managers’ perspective, the principles outlined in this on-point book will be helpful to management in any field.

"It's Easier To Give Birth Than Resurrect The Dead" simply explains the trap that many managers fall into. It is much easier to hire a new person than to deal with deadbeats. The book explains how managers can correct this situation and the steps to take in hiring staff to prevent getting into this situation again.

Duboise identifies how to spot deadbeat workers in “7 Traits of a Deadbeat Employee”.  He then explains in detail the actions to take to develop that person into a productive worker.  Employee development is harder than hiring new people.  Many managers will choose the easy route failing to realize that development is what builds polarized teams.

“We’re in the people business, people”, said Duboise.  No matter what business that you are in, you are in the people business. An entire chapter of the book is dedicated to explaining the “people concept” that applies to any organization. Take care of your people first and they'll take care of making you a profit.

Duboise then explains his hiring practices that made him successful throughout his 40-plus years of managing people.  It’s a simple process but one that works.

The chapter titled “What is a Standard?” is very straight-forward in one of the basics of management. Establishing standards is one of the keys to a successful organization.  The chapter also asks “What is Common Sense?”

Get the book today and learn how to deal with deadbeat employees!

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