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If you are a restaurant owner with no previous restaurant experience, maybe even a franchise owner, then you need the training that we provide. If you are a restaurant manager who is committed to be successful, then you need the coaching that we provide. provides tutorials and coaching that you won't find anywhere else. We "Coach Restaurant Managers to Success". We teach you how to make higher profits by managing professionally. RestaurantMgmt101 is "Restaurant Mgmt Made Simple"(tm).

We teach you systems, processes and procedures that, when executed properly, will make your operations successful. We will then Coach you until those systems, processes and procedures become habit and second nature to you and your employees.

Many of the systems that the huge chain restaurants have, you have never seen. Nor will you ever. Chains have the money to invest in systems, advertising, and the best recruiting firms.

They continuously provide training to their employees and managers. This is time and money that you may not have.

The goal of is to provide you with that training and knowledge necessary to perform like the big boys. You can succeed just as they do – maybe even better. You can definitely make a comfortable living operating your own restaurant.

However, you must have the tools. Team 101 has the experience, knowledge and training to provide the tools necessary for you to be a successful restaurant operator. We don’t have everything on the site yet, but it will grow over time. And, if there is something you need now that you can’t find on the site, simply contact us and we’ll provide the answer, or help you find a solution!

Member Benefits
• Information at your fingertips 24/7/365. Any time, day or night.
• Insightful articles about managing a restaurant.
• In-depth training tutorials on Hosting, Food Cost, Labor Control, Ordering, and more.
• Step-by-Step details on each subject as the material becomes available.
• Forms, Charts, and Checklists (most with tutorials) usable as soon as their downloaded.
• Any Form can be customized to your specific operation (extra fee).

We can also create forms and programs that can't be created as a generic form. For instance, we can custom-create for your restaurant, a Menu Sales Mix, a very accurate Prep Production Sheet, Freezer Pull chart, and more.

Membership Levels:  We charge no upfront, registration or sign-up fee.
A.  Member:  $9.95 monthly

Access to all articles and tutorials 24/7/365.  Does not include Workshops.

B.  Premium Member:  $19.95

All of the above - PLUS - Select forms and programs are also included:

Combined, all of the above would cost over $200 if sold separately.

C.  Direct Member:  $90

All of the benefits of  "Member" - PLUS - One hour per week Coaching Session by phone, total of 4 hours per month.

D.  Platinum Member:  $169

All the benefits of "Member" - PLUS - Two hours Coaching Session per week by phone, total of 8 hours per month.  Troubleshoot problems and situations with a Coach from RM 101.

If at any time you feel we are not providing value to you and your restaurant, you may stop your membership. Cancel any time. No money will be refunded but you will have access to the member area for the remainder of the month in which you cancel.

We use PayPal for all transactions – the most secure and trusted site on the web. You don’t have to worry that your private information will be given to anyone else. PayPal account not required.

We never sell our membership lists to any third party. See our Privacy Policy.

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